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Sign into your account

When you first install and launch KeepVault you are asked to sign in to your online account created during purchase. Shown here is the sign in screen for KeepVault for Windows.


Protection Evaluation with KeepVault

After signing in to KeepVault, your files are scanned, allowing you to decide exactly how to protect your valuable data. Once you're ready to protect your system, simply click 'Get Started ...'.

Easy Setup

KeepVault gives you the control you need. Select what protection matters most. You can always add or remove protection options in the future. Once the protection setup is completed, you'll never need to do anything else to protect your digital lifestyle!


How do I know KeepVault is protecting me?

Simply launch KeepVault and see it working. You don't need to do anything else... import photos, buy music, and shoot more video. KeepVault will automatically secure those files instantly. And if you ever need to get all your data back, simply launch KeepVault and click 'Restore'.

How do I know KeepVault is protecting my Windows Home Server?

Once signed in, select the Home Server 'Shares' or any other directory you wish to protect. KeepVault will automatically backup all new and changed files from the selected locations. The KeepVault plugin resides in the Windows Home Server console, making it easy to monitor your backup status.


Auto Protection for Desktops & Laptops with KeepVault Connector

KeepVault Connector automatically copies new and changed files from your desktops and laptops to a custom, shared folder on your Windows Home Server (WHS). The KeepVault Backup application/addin on your WHS automatically protects this folder.

1) install the KeepVault Connector addin to your WHS and confirm that the Connector server is enabled

2) go to each client PC, launch the WHS console, and click 'Download and install the client setup' in the Connector addin screen

Configuring the KeepVault Connector client

During client setup, choose Local only or Local + Internet mode: Local Only: client protected only inside your local network. Local + Internet: client protected whenever it has Internet access (requires that remote access be enabled on the Home Server). Next enter the appropriate 'Private' or 'Private+Internet' name and password (from the WHS KeepVault Connector addin). Your client is now connected to your WHS. Simply use the client interface to 'Add' or 'Remove' folders to sync to your WHS.


How does file recovery work?

KeepVault enables you to recover all your files with one simple click, or to recover just specific files that you need to recover. Recovery is quick and easy, so you can relax knowing your data is safe and there when you need it.

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