KeepVault Pro for Resellers

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What is the KeepVault Reseller Program?

The KeepVault Reseller Program is an easy way to service your customers with online backup.

  • Earn best-in-class margins by administrating the KeepVault Pro service to your customers, either branded with KeepVault or your own custom co-brand
  • Perfect for managed service providers and value added resellers!
  • Learn more by reading the KeepVault Online Backup Reseller Datasheet.

How do I make money?

  • Create subuser accounts and administrate KeepVault Pro as a value-added service to your customers
  • Set your own pricing for the service or include it in a bundle of services
  • Pay for storage at a discounted rate
  • Keep your markup as profit

Administrating your clients' accounts

  • Powerful online administration controls and reports for each client/subuser
  • Create unique credentials with optional custom encryption settings for each of your clients
  • Dynamically allocate storage capacity from your reseller account to each client account
  • Daily status reports show the status of all of your clients’ backups
  • Optionally enable each subuser’s web access to their data

Sign Up

  • Request a sign up email and review the KeepVault Reseller Terms and Conditions
  • Follow the link in the email to sign up for a trial to confirm it meets your needs
  • Purchase a KeepVault Pro reseller account starting at 500GB
  • Install KeepVault for your clients with credentials you create for them