How to Restore from Backup

You can restore files from either your online or local backup locations. Restoring from your local backup will be faster in most cases.

Restore A Single File

The KeepVault Restore features let you restore a single file from a any device's backup. You can choose to restore that file to its original location or to a new location. You also have the ability to enable web access which will allow you to download files from to an internet connected device.

Perform a Full Restore

KeepVault provides a single-click approach to restoring ALL your protected files in one go. Don't worry about overwriting existing data, by default KeepVault only restores a file if it is newer than the existing file on your PC.

Restoring To a New PC/Restoring After Hardware Failure

If a disaster occurs such as a PC failure then you can quickly recover your data in a number of ways. Click for detailed instructions

Why KeepVault is the Right Choice

Here are a few things our competitors don't want you to know:

  • No charge when you upgrade to newer OS's
  • Unlimited devices
  • Off-site storage at very secure, robust, & reliable SAS 70 compliant data center
  • Super fast upload speeds to our servers
  • Automated, real-time & continuous unattended data backups
  • Securely access and restore data, on-demand, 24x7x365 from any authorized PC

KeepVault never discloses data unless required by law.

  • Secure encryption: you can set the encryption key for ultimate security
  • Multiple status/error notification systems
  • Administrator password to lock PC user interface
  • You control which files are stored and for how long. If you delete a file on a PC it is not auto deleted on our servers
  • We are wholly located & operated in the United States. We do not outsource any component of our operation

Try it risk-free. You’ll like it.