Windows Server Backup with KeepVault Professional

Simple, reliable backup for critical files

  • Unlimited Machines
  • Unlimited Users*
  • Fast & Secure
*For KeepVault Pro accounts

A simple solution for all your backup challenges, KeepVault takes the hassle out of local and online backup.

Worry-free data protection is only minutes away.

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It Just Works

Windows Server is a great choice for managing your network. But what about your server itself? A solid networking strategy includes backing up your Windows Server for that final layer of protection.

That’s where KeepVault Pro comes in. After you install the software, choose what you want to backup and it does the rest.

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Local vs. Online Backup: Why Choose?

Should you backup locally, or backup online? With KeepVault you do both. Using KeepVault Pro you can backup online and locally to a NAS simultaneously.

Why KeepVault is the Right Choice

Here are a few things our competitors don't want you to know:

  • No charge when you upgrade to newer OS's
  • Unlimited devices
  • Off-site storage at very secure, robust, & reliable SAS 70 compliant data center
  • Super fast upload speeds to our servers
  • Automated, real-time & continuous unattended data backups
  • Securely access and restore data, on-demand, 24x7x365 from any authorized PC

KeepVault never discloses data unless required by law.

  • Secure encryption: you can set the encryption key for ultimate security
  • Multiple status/error notification systems
  • Administrator password to lock PC user interface
  • You control which files are stored and for how long. If you delete a file on a PC it is not auto deleted on our servers
  • We are wholly located & operated in the United States. We do not outsource any component of our operation

Try it risk-free. You’ll like it.