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Home Pro
Operating Systems
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 yes yes
Windows Home Server v1 and 2011 yes yes
Windows Server Operating Systems yes
Unlimited number of devices yes yes
Backup to local drive or USB yes yes
Continuous, real-time protection yes yes
Web access yes yes
Massive 500GB max file size yes yes
Cross device access/restore yes yes
Easy to use setup wizards yes yes
Upload queue manager yes yes
Mobile access yes yes
Error notifications yes yes
KeepVault Connector for Server Add-in yes yes
Restore by mail yes yes
Backup to network drive yes
Differential backups yes
File versioning yes
Create and manage sub user accounts yes
Secure end-to-end 128bit encryption yes
Ultra secure end-to-end 256bit encryption yes
Administrative lock yes
Unlimited restore speed (50Mbps+) yes yes
Unlimited backup speed (50Mbps+) yes
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The Right Choice for Backup

KeepVault features real-time backup to safe and secure online servers along with simultaneous backup to a local external hard drive, USB, or NAS, combining the speed and convenience of local protection with the disaster-proof protection and global accessibility of online backup!


Before transmission to our secure SAS 70 compliant data center, all files are encrypted on your computer, and stay encrypted throughout transmission, storage, and recovery. Optionally, KeepVault lets you to choose a custom encryption key for maximum security.


Our competition may charge for storage you don’t need, or advertise “unlimited” storage for only one computer. With KeepVault online backup you only buy what you need and add storage as your storage needs grow. And with no device fees, you can install KeepVault on as many devices as you need!


KeepVault offers industry-leading unlimited upload and download speeds. If you are concerned about bandwidth on your network, you can choose your own bandwidth limit on each device. If you prefer, you can schedule each device to backup while you sleep, keeping your network wide-open when you use it most.


With KeepVault, your data is yours, and should be available to you when and where you need it. With flexible restore options you can restore your data to a different device, from a local device, or from our online servers. Plus you can access a file anywhere through our Web Access portal.


We're real people in Southeast Michigan ready to help you by e-mail, phone, or remote assistance. No automated menus, no call queue with elevator music interspersed with pre-recorded platitudes and advertisements.

The Power of KeepVault Professional

The backup of choice for business and IT professionals.

When you need all the powerful features of KeepVault, you need KeepVault Pro. Pro users enjoy higher speeds, network backup, file versioning, and more.

Are You Prepared?

Data loss happens all the time: natural disasters, human error, theft, viruses, hackers, power surges and equipment failure. Every business needs to backup their critical data. Secure offsite backup protects against data loss even in cases of physical destruction such as fire.

When data loss occurs, recreating data (while struggling to maintain operations) takes many days and thousands of dollars. The reality is that most businesses do not survive significant data loss. Are you willing to risk your business? How much time and effort would it take to reconstruct your contacts, presentations, spreadsheets, financial records, forecasts, expense logs and proposals?

Your Data Insurance: KeepVault Pro

With your data accessible any time, there is no wait to restore lost files. If you prefer a physical copy, KeepVault offers restore-by-mail for $99. We can even overnight your data to you.

And should you need them, our support staff is here to help every step of the way.

Cost Effective

With service plans starting at just cents per day, KeepVault Pro eliminates the risk of data loss to your business and ensures business continuity.

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