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KeepVault is my invisible security net for my most critical data: family pictures, videos and documents. As an amateur photographer with two small kids, my family memories are priceless.

KeepVault is my choice of online providers because it:

  • silently keeps my memories safe, alerting me only when I need to take action,
  • uses my limited bandwidth when I don't need it,
  • comes with high quality customer service.

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Business User


Naples, FL

My livelihood depends on business-critical files. That’s why it is essential that I mitigate the potential risk of data loss.

KeepVault Pro is my data protection plan. It backs up my server while the web access allows me to download files from anywhere with internet. This gives me peace-of-mind and allows me to focus on my business.

Data loss is far more expensive than data protection. That’s why I recommend KeepVault to my friends and colleagues.

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Managed Service Provider


KeepVault Pro is an important tool for anyone who has computer clients. It allows me to manage the whole process of backup for my clients.

I’ve tried many of the big-brand names in backup but in the end I am sold on the KeepVault product and service.

KeepVault is considerably faster in uploading files and has all the tools necessary for a reseller. I highly recommend KeepVault.

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What others are saying:

“The Continuous Data Protection alone is a reason to consider KeepVault, but I’m also betting you’ll like the features and speed.”

John Jacobi - PC World
April 6, 2011

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