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How to Back Up Your Small Business Data Without an IT Pro

Yes you can do small business backup

When it comes to data loss, the statistics are grim.  How can a business owner take adequate steps to protect their data yet not spend a dime more than they need to? Continue reading



KeepVault v4.20 adds support for the latest Windows operating systems

KeepVault version 4.20 is now available from our download page: www.keepvault.com/software


This release adds much-requested operating system support for:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2012 Essentials
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials


Important and useful new features for all users:

– manage your devices from the web console



KeepVault v4.15 adds new functionality

KeepVault version 4.15 is now available from our download site: www.keepvault.com/software

This release adds important and useful features for all users:

– the max file size increases from 20GB to 200GB

– backup of password protected network shares is now supported

– better handling for backup of hidden files and folders



Western Digital (WD) adopts KeepVault Online Backup for new WD Sentinel Servers

AuthenTec (NASDAQ: AUTH), a leading provider of mobile and network security, announced that Western Digital® (WD®) has selected its KeepVault backup service to provide optional offsite data protection for the new WD Sentinel™ DX4000 series of small office storage servers.

”AuthenTec’s KeepVault adds important capabilities to the WD Sentinel small office storage server by providing offsite data storage for fast yet economical disaster recovery,” said Thomas Gallivan, vice president of marketing for WD’s SMB Solutions Group. ”The combination of WD Sentinel and AuthenTec’s KeepVault not only ensures automatic backup of PCs, laptops and Macs within the office network but additional peace of mind by providing businesses economical offsite backup as an insurance for their valuable data.”

Read the full press release here  http://tiny.cc/WDwithKeepVault



KeepVault v4.11 New Features

We are excited to announce the release of KeepVault v4.11!  We’ve made numerous improvements to the software to improve your overall experience. This is our best software and service ever, we think you’ll agree.

Cross Device Access & Restore
Access and restore the files from any of your protected computers using the ‘Selective Download’ feature in the KeepVault software interface. Previously reserved for KeepVault Pro users only, this feature makes it even easier to recover files to a new computer or share files between any computer on your account.

Daily Status Reports
KeepVault Pro & Business customers can opt-in to receive a daily summary email showing the backup status of each of their computers. Quickly check important backup statistics to ensure your data protection is operating smoothly.

Client Computer Backup/Restore (WHS & SBS Essentials 2011)
We’ve worked closely with Microsoft to enable a special mechanism for backing-up and restoring the Client Computer Backups created by WHS & SBS Essentials 2011. Now you can protect these online simply by selecting the ‘Client Computer Backups’ entry in the KeepVault interface and the software will do the rest.



Carbonite IPO – What it means to KeepVault

Last week we learned that online backup provider, and KeepVault competitor, Carbonite had filed a form S-1 with the SEC, a proposal for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of their stock. Estimates have them looking to raise USD$100m. But it was the content of the filing that generated most of the emails/calls to my desk; over 1m customers, losses of USD$25m in 2010, and last quarter revenues of USD$12.8m.


We’re hugely excited to see an IPO in our industry; a hopeful sign of acceptance and maturity in a business where KeepVault’s 5-year track record makes us elder statesmen! As fear of cloud based backup continues to dissipate and services improve, so the market is consolidating (mostly) around strong companies with solid business plans.  Carbonite’s ~1m users makes them one of the largest online backup services, and to paraphrase ‘things are just getting going’!  Their last quarter revenue of $12.8m is certainly impressive and again talks to the increasing rate of acceptance. KeepVault has seen approximately 70% yearly growth, almost entirely through word-of-mouth ‘advertising’ (BIG thank you to our loyal customers!).

Similarities and Differences

While KeepVault and Carbonite are both in the Online Backup business there are significant differences in the two services.  An article today in The Register asks why now and why Carbonite? Why isn’t Nirvanix (an online storage provider) filing for an IPO?

The Register proposes that Carbonite needs money to sustain their current business model, e.g. the ‘land grab’ approach reminiscent of Web 1.0: give the service away and spend any revenues on attracting the next customer.  Carbonite and some other services (livedrive, Backblaze et al) offer ‘unlimited’ storage, for one computer, for a low monthly fee.  The downside for Carbonite? Significant $ loss each quarter and for the foreseeable future (according to the Carbonite IPO filing).

As Mozy recently announced, ‘unlimited’ storage is not sustainable; the growth in customer storage is fast outpacing any reductions in storage costs.  Hence, Mozy has adopted a pay-for-use model similar to that offered by KeepVault for the past ~3 years. Not to toot our own horn, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that unlimited plans, while an easy way to attract new customers, were not the key to long term success.


Many companies offer online backup, but how many are in it for the long term? Do you want to re-upload your data every time your provider runs out of money? KeepVault’s pricing is, we believe, walking the fine line between feeding our families and protecting the digital memories/files etc you entrust to us; there are no investors looking to cash-out or reap huge returns on investment, and no questionable business models.  Backup is about conserving, and we’re taking a conservative approach!



DropBox Data Security Risk Posed

Like many of you, the DropBox service has come in handy on more than one occasion. However, an interesting article on bnet.com (read here) raises the question ‘how secure is your data on DropBox’?

Having read the article a couple of times now, and the responses from DropBox, I’m not quite sure of the answer!  It sounds like there are procedures in place to protect user data, but it doesn’t rule out the risk of someone breaking procedure?  My main question; is DropBox storing the user’s encryption key online somewhere?  I have a feeling that the answer is ‘yes’.

Like some other backup companies, KeepVault doesn’t store the encryption key online. You don’t need procedures if you don’t know the key.  Perhaps this is the difference between a product designed from the outset to be a secure online backup solution, and one that was designed to be a file sharing platform.

Just saying …



Online Backup Powered by KeepVault | New Custom & Whitelabel Customers

Developing your own backup technology, whether it is for local backup to a hard drive/network storage device or for secure online backup, is no small feat.  Many companies looking to create their own solution confess to thinking (initially) “backup is easy right? A 3 or 4 month project at most!”

The truth is that after about 4-6 months you’ll be starting over; realizing all the problems with your original design, bogged down by the minutiae, the very necessary details that are so very important when protecting data.  After all, this isn’t so much an exercise in developing a software solution as it is about protecting people’s digital lives/livelihoods. Creating and maintaining trust requires a quest for perfection, not simply ‘good enough, job done’. This is where experience counts. Our prior careers were working for the likes of VERITAS and Seagate Software; and after five years on the market, KeepVault is one of the more stable and mature offerings available.

So when a major US-based PC company was looking to create a new consumer centric online backup solution they chose to ‘whitelabel’ KeepVault; they used KeepVault as the foundation for their own customized solution.  Contractual obligations prohibit us from disclosing which PC OEM it is, but needless to say they are BIG.  Why did a company as large as this and with so many of their own resources choose KeepVault?

Experience! Experience! Experience!

Our team has shipped backup (Backup MyPC) and mastering (RecordNow, MyCD) solutions globally, with every major PC and drive OEM (tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of units). KeepVault benefited from this and was designed from the beginning with modular, easy to customize components.   Changing the product name, look and feel, and features are no problem.  Want to integrate with your own cash register? Easy!  Add new languages? Sure!  Want a completely custom solution?  We have an SDK for that! The end result is you get the ultra reliable and secure KeepVault platform, and you get it your way.

So if you’re looking to profit by selling your own backup solution, contact us or learn more about our affiliate and reseller program. Just like <company name here>, you’ll be glad you did!



More from SeanDaniel.com – Going Pro with KeepVault Online Backup

SeanDaniel.com has a great writeup about upgrading to KeepVault Pro Online Backup.  As you’ll read, it’s a painless and easy experience!!



Offshoring Your Online Backup

IBM recently announced that it is building a new data center near Beijing China.  The new data center is set to be among the ten largest in the world.  This announcement brings to mind an important subject for consideration.  Where is your data warehoused, and why is location even important?secure online backup keepvault

I will address the latter of these two questions first.  With the near ubiquity of bandwidth and storage, having your data cross a border, state or otherwise, at some point is all but guaranteed.  Though not often considered, not all governments view personal privacy the same.  As recently as August of 2008, the Chinese government has been known to lock down data centers to search through archives.  Do you know where your provider’s data center is?

Perhaps you are backing up family photos or patient health records.  Either way, if you are reading this blog, you care enough about your data to protect it.  You also want to know that you are the only with access to your data.  KeepVault begins the process by encrypting your data –at the source– using up to 256 bit AES encryption.  Then communication with our servers is accomplished using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.  This connection prevents would-be eavesdropping while data traverses the Internet.

The final piece of the equation is the data center.  All the encryption on earth provides only limited protection if third parties can gain physical access to your data.  KeepVault only houses data in places that have laws to protect your personal and business data.  Our servers are currently located in California, Kansas, and Michigan, USA.  Moreover, as we expand our global network, we will only ever house data in states or countries with similar laws already in place.

The data center is an often overlooked aspect when considering an online backup provider.  Those of us who have created KeepVault consider it a sacred bond of trust with our customers.  Ensuring your data is safe and that only you have access to it motivates us throughout the day.  Rest assured that your data is secure when you use KeepVault backup.