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The one-minute guide to backing up your PC


Thanks to the wonders of technology, backing up your computer has never been easier. Let’s get right to it. Continue reading



Western Digital (WD) adopts KeepVault Online Backup for new WD Sentinel Servers

AuthenTec (NASDAQ: AUTH), a leading provider of mobile and network security, announced that Western Digital® (WD®) has selected its KeepVault backup service to provide optional offsite data protection for the new WD Sentinel™ DX4000 series of small office storage servers.

”AuthenTec’s KeepVault adds important capabilities to the WD Sentinel small office storage server by providing offsite data storage for fast yet economical disaster recovery,” said Thomas Gallivan, vice president of marketing for WD’s SMB Solutions Group. ”The combination of WD Sentinel and AuthenTec’s KeepVault not only ensures automatic backup of PCs, laptops and Macs within the office network but additional peace of mind by providing businesses economical offsite backup as an insurance for their valuable data.”

Read the full press release here  http://tiny.cc/WDwithKeepVault



KeepVault v4.11 New Features

We are excited to announce the release of KeepVault v4.11!  We’ve made numerous improvements to the software to improve your overall experience. This is our best software and service ever, we think you’ll agree.

Cross Device Access & Restore
Access and restore the files from any of your protected computers using the ‘Selective Download’ feature in the KeepVault software interface. Previously reserved for KeepVault Pro users only, this feature makes it even easier to recover files to a new computer or share files between any computer on your account.

Daily Status Reports
KeepVault Pro & Business customers can opt-in to receive a daily summary email showing the backup status of each of their computers. Quickly check important backup statistics to ensure your data protection is operating smoothly.

Client Computer Backup/Restore (WHS & SBS Essentials 2011)
We’ve worked closely with Microsoft to enable a special mechanism for backing-up and restoring the Client Computer Backups created by WHS & SBS Essentials 2011. Now you can protect these online simply by selecting the ‘Client Computer Backups’ entry in the KeepVault interface and the software will do the rest.



KeepVault Online Backup Two Year Subscription

Everyone likes a deal and have we got a deal for you!

Up to now KeepVault was available on a monthly or yearly susbcription basis; the latter netting you a nice 10% discount. Now KeepVault is available on a two-year basis with an even ‘nicer’ 25% discount!

Check out the new pricing at www.KeepVault.com and also for businesses at www.KeepVault.com/business/



KeepVault.com Online Backup Records 80% Growth, Announces Small Business Pay-As-You-Go Storage & Enhanced Mobile Access with iPhone WebApp

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2011

Thousands of small businesses protecting their data using KeepVault.com Online Backup can take advantage of new flat fee pricing of just 15 cents per GB, with no per-computer or per-server fees. Web access has been enhanced for mobile devices like iPhones. A free trial is available.

Read the full press release here … http://www.prweb.com/releases/keepvault/online_backup/prweb8606718.htm



Important News from KeepVault

We will be making an important announcement tomorrow, July 12th, at 11am Eastern.

Come back then or visit this link for the Press Release:




Online Storage Market is HOT

Terran marketing pays $40k for onlinestorage.com domain name, notes that the demand for online storage is high.




Risky Business – Faster Backup is Better Backup

In our last blog post we compared the maximum upload speeds of some of the most popular online backup services. The results showed a distinct advantage in upload bandwidth to the pay-for-what-you-use services from Mozy and KeepVault vs. the ‘unlimited’ plans from iDrive and Carbonite (Carbonite took 575% longer to upload the same file as KeepVault).

But what does it mean to have a fast upload speed vs. a slow speed?

Risk Index

The whole point of offsite/online backup is to reduce the risk of data loss due to some unforeseen incident/disaster at your location. Now, consider this: during the time it takes to back-up a file, it is still unprotected, eg it is still at risk.  The larger the amount of data you have, and the slower your connection, the more at-risk your data.

We can express this as:

Risk Index = (amount of data to be protected x time to protect)/2

Visually, the Risk Index (Ri) is the area under a time-to-protect graph:

online backup risk index

The table below shows the Ri values for KeepVault, KeepVault Pro, Mozy, Carbonite and iDrive (based on the results of the earlier test).  Indices were normalized against the leading solution (KeepVault Pro).

Service Risk Index (Ri)
KeepVault Pro 1.0
KeepVault 1.4
Mozy 1.7
iDrive 5.0
Carbonite 7.1

iDrive is five (5) times more risky that KeepVault Pro, while Carbonite is seven (7) times more risky!

Reduce Risk Further – A Hybrid Approach

The Ri values above are only part of the story, it actually gets worse for iDrive and Carbonite. Neither service offers hybrid local and online backup.  KeepVault Pro, KeepVault, and Mozy all allow the user to backup data to both a local hard drive (KeepVault Pro also supports network drives like a NAS). The main advantage of a local backup is speed; your data will be protected quickly, preventing loss due to things like accidental data deletion and equipment failure on the protected device.

If we were to compare Ri values and factor in local protection then KeepVault, KeepVault Pro and Mozy would be tens, if not hundreds of times LESS risky.  KeepVault also has true Continuous Data Protection (CDP), files are protected the moment they change. Some services batch-up changed files and protect them when it’s convenient for THEM.


Don’t be deceived, just because you slapped down some $$ and purchased ‘unlimited backup’, doesn’t mean you are magically and instantly protected.  Speed of backup is vital in reducing your exposure to data loss. Next time, choose a hybrid backup solution with fast upload speeds and CDP; otherwise you’re risking the very files you want to protect.



Bandwidth Matters

Most providers frame the comparison of online backup entirely in terms of storage provided. There is some merit to this approach considering it’s easy to become lost in the menagerie of technical details regarding online backup. Unfortunately, comparing only storage space leaves out important aspects that affect performance, and hence your ability to protect valuable data. In addition to storage, bandwidth is the most important factor to consider. We’ve conducted a series of tests to illustrate this point.

First, I’d like to provide a quick note about how the tests were completed. Several factors that affect performance were held constant: data set, test system, Internet connection, and even time of day. New accounts were used to minimize, or eliminate altogether, the effects of caching algorithms and so on. In short, to the extent possible, we isolated raw upload speed for evaluation.

KeepVault Online Backup Speed Test

KeepVault Online Backup Speed Test

This graph displays the time (in minutes) to upload a single 2.27 gigabyte file.  Carbonite was intentionally left out of this display it skewed the graph (demonstrated below) and made differences less obvious.  Viewing the graph in this state, however, we can see that KeepVault Pro, at 3.1 Mbps, is 395% faster than iDrive, at 0.646 Mbps.  You may be editing photos and videos, or you may be storing patient records.  Either way, this speed translates directly into your ability to protect the files that you value.

Our final graph really illustrates our main point: Bandwidth Matters.  This graph displays the same data as above, but includes Carbonite, whose measured average speeds came to 0.4592.  As the graph demonstrates, Carbonite took 575% longer than KeepVault to upload the same file.  Are you really protected if it takes almost 12 hours to upload just over two gigabytes?  What good is an online data protection plan if (through throttling) you cannot protect your data?  In the spirit of fairness, Carbonite is open regarding their throttling policy, which can be viewed here.

KeepVault Online Backup Speed Test

KeepVault Online Backup Speed Test Including Carbonite

Many of our customers come to us after being frustrated by the empty promises of our competitors. We love what we do and, here at KeepVault, we believe in providing a superlative service at an honest price. We offer a range of plans, so you can pay for only what you need. Moreover, you can add storage as you need it. If you’re not already a customer, go ahead … give KeepVault a try.



Carbonite IPO – What it means to KeepVault

Last week we learned that online backup provider, and KeepVault competitor, Carbonite had filed a form S-1 with the SEC, a proposal for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of their stock. Estimates have them looking to raise USD$100m. But it was the content of the filing that generated most of the emails/calls to my desk; over 1m customers, losses of USD$25m in 2010, and last quarter revenues of USD$12.8m.


We’re hugely excited to see an IPO in our industry; a hopeful sign of acceptance and maturity in a business where KeepVault’s 5-year track record makes us elder statesmen! As fear of cloud based backup continues to dissipate and services improve, so the market is consolidating (mostly) around strong companies with solid business plans.  Carbonite’s ~1m users makes them one of the largest online backup services, and to paraphrase ‘things are just getting going’!  Their last quarter revenue of $12.8m is certainly impressive and again talks to the increasing rate of acceptance. KeepVault has seen approximately 70% yearly growth, almost entirely through word-of-mouth ‘advertising’ (BIG thank you to our loyal customers!).

Similarities and Differences

While KeepVault and Carbonite are both in the Online Backup business there are significant differences in the two services.  An article today in The Register asks why now and why Carbonite? Why isn’t Nirvanix (an online storage provider) filing for an IPO?

The Register proposes that Carbonite needs money to sustain their current business model, e.g. the ‘land grab’ approach reminiscent of Web 1.0: give the service away and spend any revenues on attracting the next customer.  Carbonite and some other services (livedrive, Backblaze et al) offer ‘unlimited’ storage, for one computer, for a low monthly fee.  The downside for Carbonite? Significant $ loss each quarter and for the foreseeable future (according to the Carbonite IPO filing).

As Mozy recently announced, ‘unlimited’ storage is not sustainable; the growth in customer storage is fast outpacing any reductions in storage costs.  Hence, Mozy has adopted a pay-for-use model similar to that offered by KeepVault for the past ~3 years. Not to toot our own horn, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that unlimited plans, while an easy way to attract new customers, were not the key to long term success.


Many companies offer online backup, but how many are in it for the long term? Do you want to re-upload your data every time your provider runs out of money? KeepVault’s pricing is, we believe, walking the fine line between feeding our families and protecting the digital memories/files etc you entrust to us; there are no investors looking to cash-out or reap huge returns on investment, and no questionable business models.  Backup is about conserving, and we’re taking a conservative approach!