The Road to Backup Awareness Week

Why KeepVault created Backup Awareness Week and invited everybody to participate

The celebration of World Backup Day™* is going on right now and everybody is excited. Friends are reminding friends to backup, bloggers are helping get the word out, and backup companies have great deals or just tweet about it with #WorldBackupDay. It’s a big day for getting people backed up and KeepVault wanted participate too!

[For anybody who is not familiar with World Backup Day™, here’s the reddit post that started it all. (fond memories of back when reddit.com had its own subreddit) ]

Participating in World Backup Day™

We started doing our research a few weeks ago and tried to get in touch with the creator of World Backup Day™. We contacted him through the email address listed on the website and, surprisingly, there was no response. So we tweeted him, still no response. I even called and left a message on his cell, still no response. Despite the lack of a reply, we decided to just move forwards with our plans and launch a “World Backup Day™ promotion” and promote it ourselves.

We coded up our promo page and things looked pretty good, but then one of our team members noticed that the phrase “World Backup Day™” is trademarked. Additionally, (intentional or not), the trademark owner had enforced ownership of the trademark via a cease and desist notice to Backupify™. That put us in a bit of a spot, because it seemed like from the comments on HN that the owner of the World Backup Day™ had good intentions, but we as a business have to be concerned that we might be getting involved in a trademark issue.

So what now? What do you do when you can’t get in touch with the owner of World Backup Day™, who owns the trademark to the event that we’re interested in participating in? We considered just not participating, or participating and waiting for a C&D, or even launching our own event – but more open. We started throwing out names for an alternative “more open” event. We settled on “Backup Awareness Week”, which could be shortened to “Backup Week” and BackupWeek.com was available. Pretty good!

Deciding on whether Backup Awareness Week is a good idea. It’s a lot of work and effort to build a community-oriented event, so it was important to figure out if it was going to be worthwhile.

What would we be solving by creating Backup Awareness Week? The real issue is the trademark on World Backup Day™, and I asked myself was “Who loses from the trademark issue stuff? I think we all lose a little bit. World Backup Day being possibly less successful means that some people might not get backed up and backup companies lose because it’s harder for them to participate in the event.

There’s a question of whether corporate sponsorship has a role in the event itself. Does corporate participation in a community event “taint” it? I don’t think so, if the participation is open and honest. And corporate involvement can provide resources for additional development. For example, if you send an email to hello@backupweek.com, you’ll get a response. I think that there is a positive role for companies to be involved in the event. People need software to backup with, so there’s a natural need to be able to recommend a product for use, especially if they have a deal going on! And having special deals listed out on one page seems awesome for everybody.

Generally the whole “trademark a community event” thing leaves a sour taste in peoples’ mouths, and there is an opportunity for a more inclusive event.

Making a better backup awareness event

Our main goal with Backup Awareness Week was to make the event open and available for commercial and non-commercial use. Backup awareness is such a universally important thing that everybody should be able to be involved without restriction.

Our team made the site and started sending out invites to everybody we could think of that might want to participate. We even set up this invite page to get the word out that everybody is invited to participate for free.

Backup Awareness Week started on Tuesday last week – 6 days before World Backup Day™. We saw participation from a lot of companies and things went pretty well! Some companies participated, some companies declined, and some didn’t respond. Generally, we’re pretty happy with the outcome, but the rest is up to you to share and spread the awareness that everybody should be backing up regularly.

Let’s celebrate together

We at KeepVault love backup. I know that the other backup companies love backup too. Hearing from a happy customer that they were able to restore successfully is awesome and I can say that being the CEO of KeepVault is awesome.

So come celebrate with us, or with World Backup Day, whatever you do – please just back up your files and let your friends know too!


*KeepVault is not associated with World Backup Day™. Backup Awareness Week is not associated with World Backup Day™. World Backup Day™  does not endorse KeepVault® or Backup Awareness Week.

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