About Us

We know online backup

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Troy, MI, KeepVault was formed as a cutting edge cloud backup company. When Microsoft unveiled it’s Windows Home Server, KeepVault was first on the scene with our online backup add-in and connector.

KeepVault remains a technology leader for local and online backup, and is known and loved by its customers for high speed and outstanding customer service.

We’re headquartered in Troy, Oakland County, Michigan, the heart of “Automation Alley”. We share the city with neighbors like J.D Power and Associates, Delphi, Kelly Services, and ThyssenKrupp to name a few.

Fast Facts:

  • We have been in the backup business for over seven years
  • Our staff is hopelessly addicted to Potbelly sandwiches and Tim Hortons coffee
  • We’re a bunch of geeks, ergo Reddit
  • Our average age is 31
  • Southeast Michigan’s antique power grid actually makes us less vulnerable to solar overload compared to the rest of the USA.
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