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Western Digital (WD) adopts KeepVault Online Backup for new WD Sentinel Servers

AuthenTec (NASDAQ: AUTH), a leading provider of mobile and network security, announced that Western Digital® (WD®) has selected its KeepVault backup service to provide optional offsite data protection for the new WD Sentinel™ DX4000 series of small office storage servers.

”AuthenTec’s KeepVault adds important capabilities to the WD Sentinel small office storage server by providing offsite data storage for fast yet economical disaster recovery,” said Thomas Gallivan, vice president of marketing for WD’s SMB Solutions Group. ”The combination of WD Sentinel and AuthenTec’s KeepVault not only ensures automatic backup of PCs, laptops and Macs within the office network but additional peace of mind by providing businesses economical offsite backup as an insurance for their valuable data.”

Read the full press release here  http://tiny.cc/WDwithKeepVault



KeepVault v4.11 New Features

We are excited to announce the release of KeepVault v4.11!  We’ve made numerous improvements to the software to improve your overall experience. This is our best software and service ever, we think you’ll agree.

Cross Device Access & Restore
Access and restore the files from any of your protected computers using the ‘Selective Download’ feature in the KeepVault software interface. Previously reserved for KeepVault Pro users only, this feature makes it even easier to recover files to a new computer or share files between any computer on your account.

Daily Status Reports
KeepVault Pro & Business customers can opt-in to receive a daily summary email showing the backup status of each of their computers. Quickly check important backup statistics to ensure your data protection is operating smoothly.

Client Computer Backup/Restore (WHS & SBS Essentials 2011)
We’ve worked closely with Microsoft to enable a special mechanism for backing-up and restoring the Client Computer Backups created by WHS & SBS Essentials 2011. Now you can protect these online simply by selecting the ‘Client Computer Backups’ entry in the KeepVault interface and the software will do the rest.



KeepVault.com Online Backup Records 80% Growth, Announces Small Business Pay-As-You-Go Storage & Enhanced Mobile Access with iPhone WebApp

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2011

Thousands of small businesses protecting their data using KeepVault.com Online Backup can take advantage of new flat fee pricing of just 15 cents per GB, with no per-computer or per-server fees. Web access has been enhanced for mobile devices like iPhones. A free trial is available.

Read the full press release here … http://www.prweb.com/releases/keepvault/online_backup/prweb8606718.htm



KeepVault and KeepVault Pro v4 Available Now

Version 4.0 of KeepVault.com data backup service available now; fastest data backup and recovery, intelligent file versioning and differential uploads, higher encryption levels, file protection queue manager, improved web access and account management, support for new Microsoft 2011 Server Platforms. Prices start from under $4/month, with no per computer fees, free trial available.

Read the full press release via the link below




KeepVault v4.0 Online Backup – New & Improved!

We’re really excited to announce the public beta of KeepVault v4.0 (contact us via our support site here to gain access to the beta)!

Version 4 of KeepVault Online Backup brings three important new features to the desktop and server software, and support for the latest iteration of Windows Home Server, Small Business Server, and Storage Server (the codename ‘Colorado’ series of servers).  You can read about the server support in our last blog post here.  We expect that KeepVault 4.0 will be finalized/ship in early April, once we’ve listened to and included feedback from the public beta.

The feature chart snippet below shows the features new to the software, namely:

  • differential file backup
  • file versioning
  • 256 bit encryption
keepvault online backup features v4.0

new features in KeepVault v4.0 Pro

Differential File Backup

Rather than backing-up the entire file every time it changes, file differentials only protect the portion of the file that has changed!  This feature is especially important for large files or files that change frequently, as upload times will be reduced considerably.  The result is that your data is protected faster, further reducing the chance of loss.  Our innovative and proprietary approach to differentials automatically balances storage usage (having lots of differentials takes up more space that just having one master file), upload times, and periodic complete reupload of the file. Differential file backups are available to KeepVault Pro & Business users.

File Versioning

Released in conjunction with file differentials is KeepVault’s new file versioning system.  Working in parallel with file differentials, KeepVault Pro & Business allows users to restore point-in-time versions of changed files.   File versions are also available via the Web Interface.  Obviously as one stores more and more versions of files, so a user’s storage account can quickly fill up.  Thus, to alleviate the maintenance burden of managing/deleting multiple versions, KeepVault Pro & Business file versioning includes a clever automatic pruning system to balance space usage and version availability.

256-bit Encryption

Listening to customer requests we have increased the encryption level available to our KeepVault Pro & Business customers from 128-bit to 256-bit, helping to provide increased peace of mind about file security.  Of course, all files are encrypted prior to sending over the Internet, and users retain the ability to use a default encryption key or set their own.

More to Come …

We have some additional and important features in the pipeline that we’ll announce shortly. Features that will provides advanced users with more control and configuration options, additional device support, and other enhancements that maintain KeepVault Online Backup as a leader in the space.



Lifting the Vail on Microsoft Small Business Server 2011

Vail, Aurora, and Breckenridge (collectively known as ‘Colorado’) were the codenames given to Microsoft’s new Windows Home Server and Small Business Server (SBS) platforms.  Here are some preview screenshots of KeepVault v4.0 running in the new SBS Essentials 2011 environment.

Easily installed and configured, KeepVault for SBS supports backup to both a local or network device and simultaneously to secure online storage.

KeepVault supports simultaneous local and online backup

KeepVault supports simultaneous local and online backup

The console has been completely re-written from KeepVault v3.x for Windows Home Server, to take advantage of the new layout with the ‘Colorado’ platform.  Users are able to enable/disable protection of the built-in ‘shares’ and also specify specific folders for protection.  Backups can be encrypted and compressed; encryption always occurs before sending the data over the Internet. A full discussion on the new features in KeepVault v4 will be forthcoming, shortly before its release in mid March.

KeepVault supports simultaneous local and online backup

KeepVault Online Backup running in SBS 2011

The popular KeepVault Connector functionality will continue to be available.  KeepVault Connector installs a lightweight client on your Mac + PC computers.  This client then automatically and in real-time archives new and changed files in monitored folders to your WHS or SBS.  KeepVault Connector functionality is available over both your local area network and via the Internet (requires you enable remote access).  It is a great way to ensure that company or personal files are always backed up.

Archive files to SBS 2011 with KeepVault Connector

KeepVault Connector archives files to SBS 2011 over your local network or Internet