Small Business Backup – Part I

The definition of what makes a ‘small business’ small varies based on who you ask. Is it, for example, defined by the number of employees? Or maybe it is the gross revenue? Or perhaps it is the amount of data it produces?  Does any of that matter when it comes to determining a good backup strategy?create your own online backup strategy

The answer is ‘no’ ….. and ‘yes’!  For example, I often see small businesses defined as having 10-99 employees. That does not, however, necessarily define the backup needs of the company – for example there might be 99 employees and only a handful of computers in a central office with very little data being created. On the flip side, a few graphic artists or photographers producing lots of data, working in multiple mobile locations could present a much more taxing backup environment.

The other day I read a post about new smart switches from Cisco targeting small business and wondered who exactly Cisco was targeting and what metrics they used to determine small?  Perhaps ‘small’ refers to the amount of money the company wants to spend, or their IT expertise?

The truth is your backup strategy will depend on many factors; budget, number of devices, location of devices, security, types of data … At this point many companies give up and hire an IT professional, and certainly for a lot of companies that is the right approach to take.  The IT professional will, or should, have the experience to design a backup strategy to your specific needs.

However, in many instances you can design your own backup strategy and system to match your needs and budget.  Over the next few posts we’ll try to demystify backup for truly small companies, those with small budgets, or only a handful of computers or locations to backup. We’ll provide setup instructions and real world examples. Stay tuned!

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