Macs Too!

Being a Mac user myself it’s been a personal goal to provide Mac support for our KeepVault customers.  While the code that underpins KeepVault (“the engine”) has always been cross-platform we haven’t until recently offered a Mac user interface. Last month we rolled out phase 1 of our Mac strategy; KeepVault Connector for the Mac.

KeepVault Connector is an addin for the Windows Home Server and Windows Server platforms.  It provides real-time file archiving from client PCs & Macs to a designated server via a LAN or WAN connection.  Once archived to the server, these files can then be protected to the online KeepVault storage.

Visit our forums for easy to follow setup instructions:
Mac – http://www.proxure.com/forums/viewtopic.php
PC – http://www.proxure.com/forums/viewtopic.php

The ability for consumers and businesses to easily and reliably capture information from laptops and desktops is huge.  IDC estimates that  “as much as 60% of corporate data resides unprotected on corporate laptops and desktops”.  Once KeepVault Connector is installed that problem is hugely reduced.

Look for more Mac announcements in the near future!

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